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  Virus News  

We update the following virus news from time to time frequently in order to alert users to avoid computer viruses and threats. A number of hacker news is also included to inform users about the latest attacks and hacker activities.


Jan 16 2008


FBI takes biometrics database proposal to U.K.


Police in the U.K. are in talks with the FBI

Jan 10 2008


MBR rootkit targets Windows users


Security experts warned on Wednesday of a new rootkit aimed at users of the Windows operating system.

Jan 10 2008


Twice bitten: Acts of stupidity can lead to identity theft


A British TV presenter has learned the hard way that identity theft is serious

Jan 09 2008


Massive SQL-based Web attack decoded


On Wednesday, the SANS Internet Storm Center and others published details

Jan 09 2008


Phishers now leasing the Storm worm botnet


A number of phishing sites have cropped up within the last day

Dec 31 2007


Botnet gains, Web 2.0 pains


While it started out in January 2007 as a traditional computer worm

Dec 05 2007


The next generation of security threats


Editors' note: This is part 3 in a series examining how Microsoft's security strategy has evolved over the past decade.

Dec 03 2007


Shorter URLs help phishers hook more victims


Phishers are using shorter URLs for malicious sites in a bid to lend an air of legitimacy to threatening links.s

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