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  Virus News  

We update the following virus news from time to time frequently in order to alert users to avoid computer viruses and threats. A number of hacker news is also included to inform users about the latest attacks and hacker activities.


Jun 14 2006


Microsoft June update released


It's Microsoft's biggest ever, say experts

Jun 13 2006


Malware report released by Microsoft


Backdoors most prevalent malware

Apr 26 2006


British business improves on security


DTI report present a positive outlook

Mar 28 2006


Israeli Trojan couple jailed


Industrial espionage case comes to an end

Feb 03 2006


Americans wary of cybercrime


IBM survey shows online habits are changing

Feb 02 2006


Trojan-writing couple deported to Israel


Operation Horse Race enters the final furlong

Jan 30 2006


Cybercrime losses amount to $14.2 billion


2005 figure lower than previous year

May 30 2005


Trojan tripped in Operation Horse Race


Major industrial espionage uncovered in Israel

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