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  Virus News  

We update the following virus news from time to time frequently in order to alert users to avoid computer viruses and threats. A number of hacker news is also included to inform users about the latest attacks and hacker activities.


Oct 10 2006


Britons fear cybercrime more than burglaries


New survey shows hi-tech crime rising in fear stakes

Sep 18 2006


Cyberfraudsters detained in Spain


Countrywide operation ends up with 23 arrests

Sep 14 2006


Zotob authors jailed


Two men sentenced to prison in Morocco

Sep 08 2006


Police forces in East Africa will have a new hi-tech lab


Kenyan police introduces technological initiative to fight cybercrime

Sep 06 2006


Irish Internet users see more viruses in August


IE Internet figures show rise in rate of infection

Aug 15 2006


China's computers still prone to virus infections


Nearly three quarters of machines infected over last year

Jul 19 2006


Leaving computers unprotected


Most consumers seem to think updating can wait

Jun 28 2006


Suspected malware writers arrests in Europe


The three men held believed to be part of the m00p group

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