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  Virus News  

We update the following virus news from time to time frequently in order to alert users to avoid computer viruses and threats. A number of hacker news is also included to inform users about the latest attacks and hacker activities.


Apr 25 2007


Changes to UK cybercrime legislation are in the air


Announcement made at security conference.

Apr 25 2007


UAE gets new special anti-cybercrime body


Announcement made at security conference.

Mar 16 2007


UK Internet providers talk security with the House of Lords


Committee on science and technology hears experts from ISPA.

Feb 02 2007


"Mainstreaming" needed for Britain's anti-cybercrime effort


Report highlights existing deficiencies in e-crime fighting

Jan 31 2007


Phishing more common than viruses and trojans


Research shows phishers galore in email traffic

Nov 27 2006


Chinese define what is malicious software


Internet Society of China publishes final description

Nov 09 2006


Major blunder: virus mailed to Google Video blog subscribers


Thousands of users receive Kama Sutra worm

Oct 12 2006


New anti-cybercrime force to be launched in Britain


Metropolitan Police will host coordination unit

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